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Founded in 2009, Blackwatch comics is a publisher of fine graphic novels.  With studios in New York and Wisconsin, Blackwatch
has been a noteworthy force in producing some of the most beautiful graphic novels in the world.  Blackwatch’s catalog includes
the Leaves trilogy by Christopher Shy, and the long await over-sized Perfect Edition of Soul Stealer.  With its small, specialized,
boutique approach to publishing, Blackwatch only produces limited edition beautifully designed art books and graphic novels.  
Its philosophy, “bringing master craftsmanship perfection back to books,” has garnered praised, and Blackwatch’s books ranks as
some of the most sought after.  Blackwatch editions are available in a variety of sizes, from the large completed edition of the Soul
Stealer Series, to album cover sized artbooks.  The company’s stated mission is “only publish when it’s perfection.”  Blackwatch is
not a large publishing house, rather, and independent publisher focused on producing stories and novels that lie outside the
mainstream.  Blackwatch tours only once a year for the artists and authors to meet with fans and sign copies.  

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